The coronavirus has no chance in the flex industry due to remote verification

16 maart 2020

Last week we wrote a blog about the outbreak of the well-known Corona virus. Nevertheless, the world looks very different this week, in Italy people are no longer allowed to go outside, in the Catalonia region in Spain it is strongly discouraged and the necessary measures are also being taken in the Netherlands. All schools are closed and entrepreneurs are advised to let their staff work from home as much as possible in order to limit further spread of the virus.

New trend visible in the flex industry?

Several customers, who are active in the flex industry have already switched to the Secure ID Link in combination the ID-Selfie. This allows remote verification of the identity document and employment documents in a secure way. The application process can take place entirely from home, including the settlement with identity verification. This makes it possible for the staff of flex organizations to work from home and to comply with the advice of the government.


Candidates fully verified remotely

Datachecker supports organizations with the remote execution of the identification and verification process. In this way, your organisation can contribute to limiting the spread and it won’t disrupt the continuity of “normal” business processes within your organisation. We're the only party that makes these processes possible in a remote way.

With DataChecker’s Secure ID Link and ID-Selfie you are able to verify identity documents, employment documents and candidates identity remotely in a secure way. You can send the Secure ID Link and the ID-Selfie via SMS or e-mail. The process is safely arranged in accordance with laws and regulations for all parties involved. The process can be integrated easily into the current application process for current- and new customers.

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