GDPR compliant with Secure ID Link


ID Check, Right To Work or Consumer Check via Secure ID Link

In relation to the GDPR legislation, it is important to be careful with processes when you deal with privacy-sensitive information. From now on you can easily send an SMS or an email to a candidate with the SecureLink from DataChecker. The candidate or employee can upload and check the identity document with a smartphone or tablet. DataChecker does the checks on authenticity features and you no longer have to receive identification documents per e-mail. The user will receive the report about the data of the document, including the result of the check. This process is secure and safe for all parties involved.


The solution to do ID checks remotely

The Secure ID Link is actively used in the following industries: 

  • Financial services 
  • Real estate agencies
  • PayRolling
  • Employement agencies 


Advantages of Secure ID Link:

  • You no longer have to make a scan of a document yourself
  • You will no longer receive an identification document by e-mail
  • You simply apply the Secure ID Link in your existing process
  • The candidate is responsible for a good photo of the document
  • You guarantee the right to privacy of your guest, candidate or client

Discover SecureLink 

Ideal for HR, Recruitment and Real Estate

DataChecker is experienced with solutions for HR, Real Estate and Financial Services. Secure ID Link is the online verification solution for international businesses.

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