Know Your Customer onboarding solutions

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  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • Prevent risks and large fines
  • Optimise businessprocesses

KYC & CDD solutions

Financial service providers have been busy with restructuring the KYC/CCD policy in the last years. Updating and actualising the customer datafile, "customer remediation" is necessary. We provide insights into the financial reports of organisations. In this way you know your customer and you wil be AML compliant. 

Customer Remediation AML Compliant

DataChecker has been active in developing online customer remediation solutions since 2018, to help the financial service providers be compliant and create a safe and simple onboarding and remediation process. The solutions are developed in accordance with laws and regulations. We sucessfully facilitate these customer remediation solutions to various financial service providers providing trust.

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Company due diligence

Insight into the financial condition of an organisation can be created on the basis of the company due diligence. The check gives the opportunity to research the financial state of organisations from different countries. This way you have easy insight into the following matters:

  • Creditworthiness;
  • Payment behavior;
  • Actuality of the company data;
  • Annual figures;
  • Managing board members;
  • Financial performance of the past 3 years.

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 The technology of DataChecker offers a fast and a user-friendly way to verify the identity; always and everywhere.