Ictual and DataChecker Forge Strategic Partnership!

07 mei 2024

Ictual Curaçao, a specialist in digital transformation and applications, has entered into a strategic partnership with DataChecker, an expert in online identification and verification. This partnership aims to simplify compliance with identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations for organizations in Curaçao.

Ictual Broadens Customer Support

For Ictual's clients, this partnership signifies official reseller status for advanced technology from DataChecker, easing identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC compliance processes significantly. By leveraging DataChecker's products, Ictual's clients can streamline operations, enhance security, and concentrate on their core business activities. This collaboration has been a long-awaited aspiration for Ictual, given the increasing significance of the challenges that DataChecker addresses in Curaçao. Notably, banks are mandated to fully verify their clients' valid identification documents every two years.

 "Ictual has a longstanding history of collaborating with leading international companies to apply their expertise within our regional context. We merge our local insights with the global perspectives of our partners. By integrating this offering into our portfolio, we can deliver even better 'Enjoyable Digital Journeys' to our clients in their KYC and AML activities. We are thrilled about this new partnership with DataChecker!" Andrew Solomon – CEO Ictual

A Gateway to the Caribbean for DataChecker

For the Dutch-based DataChecker, this partnership not only expands access to their high-quality products among more organizations but also aligns perfectly with their ambition to enter promising global markets, including the Caribbean. Previously, DataChecker has made inroads into countries closer to home, such as Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

 "We are delighted to collaborate with Ictual and are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents. This enables Ictual to offer its clients a comprehensive range of services. Leveraging our advanced technology and expertise allows Ictual to ease risks for its clients, enhance operational efficiency, and comply with regulatory requirements." Walter Codée - Founder & Managing Partner DataChecker

What and How

DataChecker's technical solutions are designed to identify and verify individuals online before granting access to sensitive information. Despite the sophisticated technology involved, the method feels straightforward for end-users. Users first capture a photo of their identity document with their smartphone, followed by a selfie. These are swiftly compared across various parameters and, if required, cross-referenced with specific legislation or authorizations. In evolving their technology, DataChecker always anticipates new and potential future threats, with features such as deepfake protection.

For Whom?

Ictual initially makes these innovative products available to existing clients, with new organizations seeking Ictual's support being next in line. DataChecker's solutions are relevant to various sectors, particularly:

  • Financial Service Providers – Banks and insurers require a robust KYC process to combat money laundering and other fraudulent activities and avoid regulatory penalties.
  • Healthcare – Access to digital patient records, by both healthcare providers and recipients, demands stringent privacy standards. The consequences of a data breach, including sanctions and reputational damage, can be severe.
  • Flexible Workers – Not only is identifying new personnel essential, but it's also crucial to verify if a candidate possesses the necessary credentials to work in a country, particularly for staffing agencies.


For over 30 years, Ictual has been assisting organizations with digital solutions for a wide variety of challenges, always prioritizing a positive user experience: 'Enjoyable Digital Journeys.' Their services include software integration, data analytics, custom software development, process automation, web and mobile app development, and consultancy. With deep roots not only in Curaçao but throughout the Caribbean, they are the innovative and dependable partner for digital queries.


DataChecker believes in the power of innovation, communication, creativity, and expertise. For over a decade, this organization has been at the forefront of identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC compliance. It's no surprise that DataChecker counts renowned and successful companies like Visa, PostNL, Randstad, and Facilicom among its clientele. In 2021, DataChecker was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands, earning the title of FD Gazelle by the Financieele Dagblad.