General questions
  • How can I use the provided services?

    First, you will have to login on the portal via Datachecker.nl. After logging in, you will be given the possibility to choose a check on your dashboard. We offer the following services: ID-Checks, consumer checks, company checks and income checks. From there you are now able to manage your own account. You can execute checks and change your personal settings.  

  • In which ways can I use Datachecker?

    The Datachecker portal is responsive, which means that the user can take any device to use the Datachecker services. From your pc-laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can use our services from any location in the world. Besides that, it is also possible to use our Datachecker API, which allows our services to be integrated into your existing processes.

  • Why do I need a license to use the services?

    It is necessary to buy a license to use the services of Datachecker. Datachecker continuously invests time in technology and security in agreement with the law. This way we can ensure the continuity of our services. 

  • Can Datachecker be integrated into our own CRM system?

    Yes, It is possible to integrate the services of Datachecker into your own CRM system through an API.

    Our API-solutions are simple and give you the opportunity to make automated links to your own system. Your results are then given through a call-back. It is also possible to read the results from a document via the OCR-technique, which allows you to do cross-check with other records.

  • What are the rules of the GDRP? (General Data Protection Regulation)

    By becoming a client of Datachecker you will meet the requirements of the GDPR law. The GDPR is aimed at providing citizens control over their own personal data, by setting European guidelines regarding the privacy of personal data. This regulation relates to sending, receiving, processing and saving privacy sensitive information.

    We are fully registered and we have received our ICO Certificate , our registrtion number is: ZB333063

  • How is the privacy of the customer guaranteed?

    Security has our highest priority. Every process is secured in a way to meet the requirements of the GDPR law. Take a look at the website of GDPR to find your rights, obligations and the requirements for your business. 

  • Is it possible to check people or companies from outside the Netherlands

    Yes, this is possible. DataChecker provides the possibility to check all the different types of ID-cards from all over the world. Besides that DataChecker also provides the possibility to check companies in many countries. 

  • How do i become a client of Datachecker?

    Are you interested in working together or would you like to know more about our services? Don't hesitate to contact us. We have a team of advisors ready to help you!

  • How can I reach the service desk of DataChecker?

    It is possible to reach the service desk in different ways. You can fill in the contact form on the website, you can contact us by mail:info@datachecker.nl or you can reach the service desk on the following telephone number: 085 401 2655 on business days between 08:00 and 17:00 CET.