Technology is the core of all DataChecker solutions

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

DataChecker’s OCR-software provides an automated identification- and verification process. This tool automatically extracts various data from any type of identity document. The OCR- machines are integrated with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) which allows an accurate recognition and extraction of the document in three ways. A clear report follows after the extraction of the photos and patterns. The enriched personal data is visible for 48 hours and the results are visible for a longer period.

Artificial Intellingence (AI)

By using a combination of AI and machine learning technologies, we can identify and process the different type of documents faster and better for our customers, creating a scalable easy onboarding environment. These technologies enable customers to make smarter decisions and operate more effectively by applying the DataChecker onboarding solutions.

DataChecker Webb & App

The DataChecker software is easy to use from anywhere via a PC, smartphone or tablet. Available in 8 languages and white label for quick onboarding and easy user experience. Security is our top priority, so all processes, are set up to comply with legislation and regulations. The results are obtained from verified sources, providing a reliable and up-to-date overview.

Let's talk about Rest API's and JSON

It is possible to integrate the services via an API. Our standard API solutions are simple and offer you the possibility to make automated links with your own system. With the API, you have the possibility to use the DataChecker services in your own interface. You receive the results through a call-back. In addition, it is possible to read the data via OCR-technique, which makes it possible to cross-check data.

DataChecker would like to investigate the possibilities with regard to the portal and the API link together with your CRM supplier. We are always ready to provide technical support on both the portal and your integration processes!

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