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Right To Work Check

As an employer, temporary employment agency or intermediary, you are obligated to keep a correct and up-to-date file for all your (temporary) employees. You are obligated to check the identity of your employee on the basis of a passport, an identity card or a foreign nationals document. A copy of the proof of identity is a mandatory part of your file.

Check authenticity ID documents foreign workers

Employees from outside the EU can be employed by employers under certain conditions. These conditions are stipulated in the EU Legislations. The law also describes the rights for foreign employees working in Europe.


Which documents are required to work in the Netherlands? 

Do you come across passports or other identity documents for which you cannot determine the authenticity yourself?  DataChecker supports you with a quick way to check ID documents and working permits. The process is simple and reliable. It ensures a clear answer to the question whether a passport, ID card or residence permit is genuine and whether the person is entitled to work in Europe on the basis of the NEN 4400-1 standard.


Check the authenticity of ID documents of foreign employees with the Right To Work check. DataChecker quickly checks the documents for authenticity. Obtain a clear answer to the question whether the person is entitled to work in Europe.

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