DataChecker now also intercepts deepfakes in ID documents

15 augustus 2023

DataChecker, market leader in ID verification for healthcare, fintech and flexible work, now also intercepts deepfakes in images. DataChecker works closely with startup DuckDuckGoose. Joe Bloemendaal, CEO of DataChecker: “This is the solution to make our products even more robust.”

Deepfake uses artificial intelligence to alter photos, voices and videos. It is a new form of synthetic media with high risks of identity fraud. DuckDuckGoose developed a method to recognize deepfakes in photos with an accuracy of almost 95 percent. DataChecker's verification solutions will now check through DuckDuckGoose's systems for deepfakes and fraudulent transactions.

“This new method does not affect the end user”

Joe Bloemendaal, CEO of DataChecker, noticed earlier that a problem with deepfakes arose in the world of identity verification. “There is now a greater need in the market for information about these risky developments. Our customers don't seem so concerned at first glance, but we like to get ahead of the music.

When we saw the unique technology of DuckDuckGoose at work, we knew that this is the solution to make DataChecker's products even more robust. The beauty of this method is that it does not affect the end user. For example, someone who wants to open a bank account or is in an onboarding process at a flexwork company will not be bothered by the fact that we also check deepfakes,” says Bloemendaal.

“Many systems are easy to fool with deepfake”

Joris Mollinga, co-founder of DuckDuckGoose, also emphasizes that deepfake poses risks that are not yet recognized by companies and organizations. “Many business systems are so vulnerable that they are easy to fool with deepfake.

It really takes a wake-up call to show that deepfake can do a lot of damage. If that happens, the customers will suffer and the companies will have a major problem. In terms of technology, we are now well ahead of deepfake developers and fraudsters. This development is accelerated by the collaboration with DataChecker and we can help prevent many risks of fraud.”

DataChecker is specialized in smart online identification and verification solutions. Its global clients include organizations in the fintech, healthcare and flexible working sectors. Its products deliver a unique combination of user-friendliness, security and support.

DuckDuckGoose originated as a multidisciplinary project within TU Delft. It is now a company with 10 developers who refine deepfake detection step by step. The mission is to use artificial intelligence and computer vision to create a digital environment “in which we can still believe what we observe”.