Trusted digital identity verification

Powered by patented science and advanced machinelearning algorithms, DataChecker enables enterprises across the globe with ability to authenticate the identity of their digital users. DataChecker’s technology provides a quick and easy path to become a trusted customer; anytime, anywhere.

How it works

The first stage of “ID Selfie”  is the SecureLink, the user sends an SMS or an email to a person with the request to identify themselfs. This process can also be offered integrated from a website or app. In the request, the user can choose a number of different checks:

  • ID Check
  • ID-Selfie (ID-Check + ID-Selfie)
  • Consumer check
  • Combination check (ID-Check + Consumer check ID-Selfie)
  • RTW check + ID-Selfie


ID-Selfie verification is an AI-powered technology that provides a smooth and a secure method to validate an identity document presented in a digital transaction: ensuring the document is both genuine and unaltered. The second stage of authentication matches the portrait extracted from the ID document with a “selfie” from the user through a biometric facial comparison.

DataChecker ensures trusted digital identity proofing with a smooth user experience within seconds. DataCheckers technology ensures a safe and easy path for enterprises to deal with their customers.


Global identity documents supported

With the help of our document expert reviews, ID Selfie is available for all nationalities and supports thousands of international domestic documents such as Passports, ID Cards, Driving Licenses and Residence Permits.

Remote identification

Using the SecureIDLink creates a remote online identification solution for all markets. This solution offers organizations the possibility to identify people from a distance.


DataChecker Customers