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ID Check Service

A passport, an identity card, a residence permit, a driving license: DataChecker effortlessly checks all types of documents for authenticity.

DataChecker checks the digitized identity document on authenticity. With the auto check, you get a result of the check in seconds. With the manual check by a document-expert, we check on multiple autenticity features. You will receive the result in a online report, including all the relevant data.

ID checks

ID Check Basic Full automated check
ID Check Plus Automated check + check by a document expert
ID Check Expert Full check by a document expert

 All ID Checks includes:

OFAC Sanction list Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism & Fraud
PEP Check Political Exposed Persons

You can use the ID Check for online customer onboarding in combination with the SecureIDLink, this creates a remote onboarding solution for all markets.

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Do you want to use the ID Check Service in your own CRM software?

DataChecker cooperates with different software suppliers, to provide API-integrations. This enables you to use the services directly from your own (CRM) software. DataChecker has several API-connections with different suppliers in place. Please let us know if you have any questions about integrations. We are happy to share successful usercases.

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