Reduce risk with the Consumer Check


DataChecker offers solutions to prevent identity fraud, acceptance software, and easy onboarding online

DataChecker processes expert screenings for customers on a daily basis. The Consumer Check is part of this and can be used for different purposes. The following industries are currently working with DataChecker consumer checks:

  • Real estate market
  • Financial sector
  • Insurance industry
  • Rental market 


Consumer Checks after permission from the consumer

When you use the Consumer Check service, you need permission from the person you want to check. You recieve more information about the person on the basis of a residential address. Based on this information, you gain insight into negative payment behavior and possible bankruptcies. You get more information to make a better decision about doing business with a person.

You can also combine the Consumer Check with an ID Check. Then you choose a Combination Check. The ID Check, Consumer Check and the Combination Check, can also be used in combination with SecureLink.

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Reduce risks with the Consumer Check

Know Your Customer, get certainty with whom you do business with. Very suitable for the real estate market, financial sector and insurance industry. You can also combine the Consumer Check with an ID Check or the Combination Check


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