Technology is key for online identification


The world is constantly changing. Consumers and companies have more and more opportunities with the latest technological developments. DataChecker uses the latest techniques to improve the user experience for all parties. In addition, we help our customers comply with laws and regulations.


Our latest technical solutions in which we distinguish:

  • Mobile Verify – Easily check an ID with a Smartphone
  • ID Selfie – Two factor verification
  • Secure ID Link – Invite a person to scan an ID

Mobile Verify - Check an ID with a Smartphone

You can check an identity card for authenticity features with a smartphone or tablet. The high-resolution camera of a smartphone is continuously improving and making it easier to check an ID. With the improved technology, you get direct feedback with the quality check. If the photo is not good enough for a check, you can take another photo. This ID Check service (mobile verification) is accessible via the DataChecker portal and can easily be integrated via an API.

More information about ID Checks


ID Selfie – Two factor verification

Knowing your customer is becoming increasingly important. For many companies, KYC (Know Your Customer) is an important subject in the customer acceptance process. It has recently become possible to verify a person and the id  with the ID Selfie.

ID Selfie identification process

In the process, a person identifies:

  1. The identification document, this is checked for authenticity features.
  2. The person need to make a selfie with the same identification document next to the face.

The facial comparison technique of DataChecker makes a match with the face of the person and the picture of the person from the identification document. Based on this comparison, we can determine whether the person on the photo is the same person as on the ID. This solution is currently successfully applied in the financial sector, real-estate and HR market.


Secure ID Link – Invite a person to scan his or her ID document

In relation to the GDPR legislation, it is important to be careful with processes when you deal with privacy-sensitive information. From now on you can easily send an SMS or an email to a candidate with the SecureLink from DataChecker. The candidate or employee can upload and check the identity document with a smartphone. DataChecker does the checks on authenticity features and you no longer have to receive identification documents per e-mail. The user will receive the report of the checked document, including the result of the check. This process is secure and safe for all parties involved.

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